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Windows may cry: Lofi on terminal!

Tags: linux, terminal, software, tricks


Here we are going to use youtube-viewer made by Trizen. It is a tool to watch Youtube videos right on your terminal or through a GTK app. It is simple and lightweight, written in Perl and easy to use.

First off is to download it. Just use your package manager to install it. Install

For example, youtube-viewer is available on AUR for Arch Linux. So to install it, use your AUR helper. Here I am using paru.

paru -S youtube-viewer

If your package manager does not have youtube-viewer, you can build it yourself.

Now, to listen to Lofi on terminal:


This command will create a window, and it will display the Live Lofi video there.

And if you just want the audio, use the -n flag.

youtube-viewer -n

That’s it! Just enjoy the music :)