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My first interview

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I attended a “casting call” (whatever that means) from a club at my school. I was interested in how the club works and it’s goal.

If you wanted to join that club, you have to walkthrough an “interview”, which members of the club will ask you several questions about you and how you work.

I couldn’t answer some, since I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed. Now, I had some time to think about it, so I will answer all of it again. (Personal questions not included)

Q: If you could be a leader in a project, but you had no experience or knowledge for the project at all, would you take the leader role? Why?
A: If the leader has to be the lead developer of the team, I wouldn’t take it, since the lack of knowledge couldn’t make me confident. Or if the leader has to work like a project manager (the one who decide how the project and development goes), then I would take it, since it will be just like learning new things. Understanding the concept of a program isn’t that hard.

Q: If somebody in your team, where you are a leader, failed to complete his/her deadline, what would you do?
A: If they couldn’t do it by themselves, then they shouldn’t have taken the deadline. Or if they couldn’t do it because of personal stuff, they could have tell me so I can manage stuff. Failing to complete a deadline is somewhat unacceptable for me, but I will give him/her a chance to try again. If he/she failed to complete his/her deadline again, then no more deadlines for you ( freedom ;) )

Q: If your factory got burned by a pressure cooker, what would you do?
A: If the fire was small, then I will just do what schools tell us to do (tell others, use the fire extinguisher, isolate the fire, etc). But if it was too large, call 114, I assume?

I still don’t know the meaning behind this question. If you know it, please tell me at

Now what?

I think I failed this interview, I could barely answer any question straightfoward-ly. That means I couldn’t join the club.

But even if I failed, I will just go back to my normal life, no problem.

Maybe staying at home, booting up my Linux desktop, decorating my desktop, surfing r/unixporn, chatting on Discord, reading other’s blogs, refuting society,… is what I should do after all.